6 Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Content Marketers

Content marketers usually have a lot on their hands. They are responsible for content discovery, content curation and audience engagement for multiple accounts. To help them stay organized and in control, a multitude of tools and apps have been introduced. Chrome extensions for content marketing are inexpensive, easy to use and serve a variety of purposes. They make life as a content marketer, easier and less stressful. Lets take a look at six such extensions that are perfect for content marketers:

  • DrumUp

DrumUp is a free Chrome extension that is great for content discovery, curation and scheduling. When you’re viewing interesting content, clicking on the extension button opens a drop down menu containing articles similar to the one you’re viewing. You can gather fresh, relevant content on a daily basis by using this extension. The extension drastically cuts down the amount of time you spend on curating content, so you can focus more on audience engagement and other such tasks. The “Share” button lets you share and schedule content on your social media accounts through the web app.  You can also schedule and post original content through the app.

  • Pocket

Pocket’s Chrome extension lets you save anything you want from the web. When you’re browsing the web and find good content, you can click on the extension to save it to your Pocket dashboard. It lets you see all your saved content in a single place and organize the content with tags. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also share saved content through the web and mobile apps. You can use this tool for discovery and curation across all your devices. You can also stay up to date on all the latest trends within your industry as Pocket suggests content through the Recommended tab on its website.

  • Snip.ly

Sniply’s Chrome extension lets you share interesting content that you find, immediately. Clicking on the Sniply extension opens up a menu with various sharing options, all of which can be customized. The main advantage of using Sniply is that it adds a call to action banner at the bottom of every post you share. You can customize the link, text and image on the banner in the free version. You can use this tool to curate others’ content while still bringing attention to your own website/service/ product. Sniply also shortens the URL, so you can keep track of  analytics to see how your links are performing. The app can also be integrated with numerous others to enable scheduling and other features to suit your needs.

  • Nimbus Screenshot

The Nimbus Screenshot Chrome extension is the best tool for capturing visuals. You can take a screenshot of any webpage or a specific part of  it, edit it and also record screencasts. This extension is great for content marketers who need images of specific products/ descriptions or text. The extension also lets you add annotations and draw on the screenshots so you can highlight what you’re trying to showcase. It has a variety of other valuable features like adding text boxes, stickers, your own drawings and more. You can save the screenshots as JPG or PNG files or add them to your Google Drive. The user-friendly interface also makes it easy to operate.

  • RiteTag

RiteTag is a must have social media marketing tool for Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media platforms. The extension has a variety of functions – it provides images and GIFs to match your tweet or post, analyzes the hashtags you use, shows you a list of popular hashtags, color codes them to show which ones are the best and even suggests related hashtags. The tool also lets you create and add memes, tag influencers and even has a Coach that teaches you how to make good posts. For content marketers, this means that their social media management time is greatly reduced. The app integrates with a ton of others and has a variety of  features including tinyURLs, bulk uploads and analytics.

  • Grammarly

Some of the worst mistakes content marketers could make are spelling and grammatical errors. Grammarly is an extension which makes sure that your emails, tweets and status updates are comprehensive and contain zero grammatical errors. Once downloaded, the extension automatically recognizes when you’re writing emails, online essays or social media updates and checks them instantly. It can detect over 250 types of errors, suggest synonyms and also explain your errors so you can learn from them.

These extensions allow you to see the bigger picture, and have a good content plan. They are available for free but some have paid upgrades that give you access to all of their features. Make sure to do some research, find out which ones work for you and use them wisely.