Cool Social Tools: BigMarker

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Are you having difficulty gathering a large group of people to share information? Don’t have time to travel to headquarters half way across the country? Interested in giving a presentation, but don’t know how to find an audience or expand your viewers? Enter, BigMarker.

BigMarker is a Chicago based, online webinar and video conference system. We have hopes to expand the webinar space by building the world’s first open and free online webinar network.

At BigMarker, members can attend, upload, share, watch and host webinars. They can also host video conferences for organizations, company meetings and general online conferences. BigMarker gives you all the tools to plan, conduct, record, store, and share your community’s web conferences. It also provides a hub to connect between conferences, access recorded past conferences, and promote future ones. Read more about webinars and video conferences on our blog.

Here are some basic features that BigMarker offers for before, during and after your online conference or webinar.

Before Your Conference

  1. BigMarker allows you to send out invitations to grow your viewing audience before.
  2. Provides an event page where attendees can find information regarding your webinar.
  3. Updates you as to how many people have registered for your event.
  4. Gives you the option to sell tickets.

During Your Conference

  1. Allows up to 250 participants at a time. Including the option for 12 webcams active at once.
  2. Audio, video conferencing, chat and screen sharing capabilities.
  3. Share documents and presentations by uploading files.
  4. Record the conference for later viewing and sharing.

After Your Conference

  1. Store and playback recordings.
  2. Upload and share recordings on YouTube.
  3. Engage everyone in the community for feedback.
  4. Plan future conferences!

BigMarker offers both private and public webinars. This means even if you aren’t in the community, and the event is public, you can enter the online conference to learn about the presentation. On the opposite end, BigMarker offers private conferences where you need permission or a link to enter to ensure privacy.

Our mission focuses on helping small businesses, non-profits, life and career coaches, faith based groups, professional development organizations and educators share their information on a cost and time friendly platform. So far over 400,000 people from 180 countries have attended webinars on BigMarker and over 5,000 communities have hosted 30,000 webinars.