Top 7 creative ways to cut expenses in college

Top 7 creative ways to cut expenses in college

We usually associate college with two things: freedom and never-ending studies. From one side, you should not skip lectures, do homework, work on projects and presentations, and also make speeches at different conferences. This side can be handled by hiring professional services after you carefully read essay service reviews (for example, essaypro reviews). From another side, you finally feel free of your parents` control and can enjoy your college years to the fullest by constantly throwing parties and traveling with your friends on weekends and vacations. However, there is also the third side of this coin, which is never mentioned but becomes a great problem on the way to having fun: the lack of money.

Top saving tips that do work

Typically, all college students are short of money and look for ways to make some extra cash to cover their current expenses like a student loan, accommodation, and help services that you can find in essay writing reviews. College is quite expensive in general. According to statistics, on average, a student should pay around $24K yearly for tuition, not mentioning food, accommodation, transportation, books, and just daily expenses. Even a scholarship is not enough, so you have to look for a part-time job or cut expenses as much as you can. We offer another way: cut them wisely and save some money to feel comfortable around your peers.

Here are the top 7 ways how you can save money in a painless and most effective way:

#1. Living costs

We know that you got used to a comfortable life in your own room, but in college, you will have to sacrifice your privacy to save some money. We recommend using a college dorm and sharing a room with another student instead of renting a one-room apartment. Thus, you can share living costs and maybe even food. Besides, living together is also fun;

#2. Food products

You have probably heard that cooking at home is not only healthy but also much cheaper? We will repeat that again: yes, it truly is. Of course, in college, you are short of time and often stay up late to complete all your tasks. But if you find some time for cooking, you can prepare meals for 2-3 days ahead and thus always have a snack at hand. Ordering pizza and other junk food and just dining out, you will not even notice how much money will disappear. We recommend creating a weekly meal plan and avoiding attending cafes too often. Don`t forget to follow the supermarket hot offers and discounts to get fresh products for cheap;

#3. Used stuff

You may invest money in boots you will be wearing for years or a car you will be using every day, but why invest in new textbooks that you will throw away within a year? Instead, you can save some money and buy used textbooks, some furniture for your dorm room, and other things you need just for a short period of time. You can even rent books and furniture which will also save you much money on more important purchases;

#4. Watching expenses

We noticed that when you pay cash, you see how much it costs and become more responsible for money spending while paying by card you are more careless and spend more than you should. Thus you not only extend your expenses but also may get a card debt if not paid off on time. Install one of those useful apps to watch how much you earn and spend to monitor and control your budget. Add sources of income (parents, scholarship, part-time job) and purchases to see what takes the biggest amount of money;

#5. Unnecessary daily purchases

Make a list of what you spend money on tuition, dorm, college and car loans, books, equipment, food, healthcare, bills, etc. Then remove from this list things you can easily do without. It can be snacks, movies, entertainment, sports (providing you will be still running or exercising), and daily coffee (the most expensive part). For the last point, you would better invest in a coffee machine to cut your expenses;

#6. Transportation fees

To reach many locations, you often don’t need a car: for example, a grocery store nearby. If you live far from campus, a car is necessary, but if not, all these expenses like loan, gas, and insurance can be avoided if you use public transport (especially with student ID). Besides, you can cycle thus exercising and becoming healthier;

#7. Campus entertainment

You would be surprised to know that many popular entertainment options can be found on campus and will cost you much cheaper than going anywhere else. You can find the events posted on flyers all over the campus and attend those you like. They include concerts, performances, meetups, talks, and shows, which are usually free and fun.

An emergency fund in college is a must, so if you have no time to find at least a part-time job, try to cut costs and thus save some money for the future.