Holy Moly! The #Untech10 Story…

Here’s the story of #Untech10 as it unfolded through press and blog posts.

To read the Twitter transcript, go here.

[My blog post: From #Tech10 to #UnTech10!

  • Snow causes ASAE to cancel Tech Show (Meetings.net)
  • ASAE’s Technology Conference: How to handle a crisis admirably (Splash!)
  • #untech10 – Learning 2.0 in Action (Tagoras blog)
  • ASAE cancels 2010 Technology Conference (ConnectYourMeetings.com)
  • Friday Top Five: #UnTech10 and more (Splash!)
  • Broadpoint Supports UnTech10 (Broadpoint Technologies blog)
  • UnTech 10: A Glimpse of the Future (Guilt By Association)
  • Snow Cancels ASAE Tech Conference, but New Instant Event Emerges (Meetings.net)
  • ASAE Tech Expo Goes Unconference – UNTECH10 (Omnipress blog)
  • #Tech10 is canceled – long live #UnTech10! (Thanks For Playing)
  • #UnTech10 Part II (Mariner Management)
  • A Very Merry Unconference To You (BeaconFire Wire)
  • Learners of the Conference, Unite! (Jeff Cobb)
  • What if… (Spark Your Interest)
  • Look for us at UnTech! (Splash!)

[My blog post: Continuing the #UnTech10 Awesome]

  • Social Media Sweet Spot Episode 6: Snomageddon Edition (Delcor blog)
  • ThePort Network, Inc. Launches its Social Institute (PR Web)
  • What It Takes to Plan and Host a Conference in Only 46 Hours (Reid All About It)
  • Friday Top 5: The Top 5 Things I Learned at #UnTech10 (Thanks For Playing)
  • Snocial Media, #UnTech10 and Social Media Salaries (Yes, Again) (Mizz Information)
  • Thank You UNTECH10 – The Power of a Community (Omnipress blog)
  • UnTech10 Reflections (Splash!)
  • Mobile: Engaging members wherever they are (Splash!)
  • Association Bisnow – unTech10
  • Association Bisnow – More from unTech10
  • UnTech10 Reflections: Technology is Only One Ingredient for Association Innovation(Avectra Blog)
  • TradeShow Executive – DC Blizzard Spawns ‘Snowcial Media’ Conference
  • The AMAZING RACE to ASAE TECH 10… The Tom Morrison Story (Extreme Makeover – Social Edition)
  • Delcor Association Sweetspot video interview of SocialFish
  • 3 Lessons from #UnTech to Boost Learning (Mariner Management)
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: How #Untech10 Was Launched and What it Means to a Changing Industry (Fork in the Road)
  • Association Social Media Sweetspot 2/26 – guest appearance with Maddie on unTech10
  • ASAE addresses UnTech 10 (Connect Your Meetings)
  • Innovative Meetings: UnDaunted (PCMA Convene Magazine, April 2010)

I’ll continue to aggregate press clips here as they keep coming out!