How sriracha helped an association go viral

A great case study from Associations Now, plus my favorite condiment!!  What could be better?  The American Chemical Society created a video about the science behind sriracha – which, at the time of writing, has 476,680 views on YouTube.

The sriracha video is the latest in ACS’s newly launched Reactions video series—a reboot of the association’s YouTube channel Bytesize Science. [Adam] Dylewski [ACS’ video production manager] said that despite the success of the five-year-old Bytesize series, it was time for an upgrade. He and his team wanted to incorporate everything they’d learned producing Bytesize into a new series capturing everyday chemistry.

“We wanted to have a fresh start and sort of focus on shorter episodes that are released on a weekly basis and that touch on topics that are even more relevant than what we were covering in Bytesize,” Dylewski said.

While Bytesize videos always had a sort-of quirky, “Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy”-type feel to them, Dylewski said he and his team want to push the envelope further and create even more entertaining videos with Reactions. They hope the videos prove educational, too.

“The word ‘chemical’ gets quite a bad rap, but from a scientific perspective the word is very benign, and it just means essentially stuff,” Dylewski said. “We want to make people aware that chemistry is always around them and they’re surrounded by chemicals. We also want to get them excited about the subject.”

Admittedly, Dylewski said he and his colleagues have a lot of subjects to choose from when conceptualizing videos. Not all associations are as lucky. For those organizations whose subject matter lies far outside the realm of the chemical makeup of hot sauce, Dylewski recommended identifying the absolute most interesting thing you are about and make a video around that.

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