How to find your people on the social web – fast!

OK so you MUST check this out.  We’ve stumbled across something new and very exciting (hat tip to Jay Baer)!  This could be HUGE for associations.

We’re always talking to organizations about how listening on the social web will tell you where your members and stakeholders are.  The way you decide whether to focus your organizational social media efforts on Facebook versus LinkedIn versus Twitter or anywhere else, is that you monitor and figure out which social spaces your people are already hanging out in – because you can’t be everywhere at once.

Flowtown is a new tool that allows you to drop in your member email list and it will tell you where everyone is on the social web.  The pricing seems very reasonable ($0.5 per email address imported, with a monthly fee of $15 for 10,000 emails or more) – and I don’t think most associations would need to do this more than once.  According to Jay, what you get is a report showing what percentage of your list is on which site, you get demographics, you get Twitter influence score (based on integration with Klout), and you can even email segments of your list with Mailchimp (who we use and love for our SocialFish Food e-newsletters).

Click on the picture below to see it properly, and read Jay’s post for more explanation.

We think this could be a truly awesome tool for knowing instantly where your people are.  Is anyone using this?  Please check it out and let us know if it works!