How to Leverage Your Employees on LinkedIn

I recently came across what I think is a hugely valuable tool called PeopleLinx – and asked Steve Werner from PeopleLinx to tell you more.  How do you handle getting more staff to use LinkedIn effectively, both personally and on behalf of the enterprise?


Most of your employees are on LinkedIn, talking about your brand and their roles at your company. How can companies take advantage of this enormous audience?

Employee use of LinkedIn has the potential to address many of Marketing’s core challenges. Marketers struggle to maximize their digital footprint, drive brand awareness, and generate traffic back to their proprietary websites. LinkedIn can help with all of those.

Luckily the hard part is already done. Your employees have created profiles. They understand that LinkedIn is a valuable work tool and not a fad or a place to post funny cat videos. Most important, your employees are interacting with people who know and trust them. That’s often more persuasive than impersonal messaging from a corporate brand.

To maximize the value of all that LinkedIn activity, you need to harness it. That’s the driving insight behind PeopleLinx.

Founded by early LinkedIn employees, PeopleLinx technology empowers employees on LinkedIn to drive business results. We do it through a combination of scoring, gamification, and analytics.

Our proprietary scoring engine measures how effectively each employee is using LinkedIn to drive the company’s branding, messaging, and networking objectives. By assigning each employee a “PeopleLinx score”, we create a fun, competitive environment. Robust analytics help marketing chart the company’s progress.

PeopleLinx helps organizations:

  • Enhance the digital brands of your employees and your company
  • Drive connectivity with your customers and prospects
  • Generate inbound leads
  • Measure your success on social business

Social business and LinkedIn are here to stay. It’s time for marketers to start using them…effectively and at scale!