Key Findings from the State of Community Management Report 2018

“Communities impact every facet of organizational life, from empowering individual contributors to generating strategic value. We can now back up the theory of communities with proof that communities make learning, influencing, and adapting into core competencies and also provide the means to integrate these competencies into workflows.”

Here’s a tiny taster:


The research confirmed that:

• Communities are change agents: Community programs impact multiple functions, stakeholders, and departments in organizations. They have immense potential to be agents of change by efficiently dispersing knowledge and information across organizations and their markets.

• Communities create transformational value: Community programs show an average ROI that exceeds 2,000%. They enable behavior changes that directly impact profitability and revenue generation, while also having an overwhelmingly positive impact on brand and cultural sentiment.

• Community teams are underfunded: Community professionals are burnt out due to increasing success and workloads without the accompanying increase in resources and support. This is limiting impact.

Community programs are not reaching their full potential to impact strategic goals and transformation due to a lack of resources coming from the executive level.

NOTE: Here’s an example from my own work with and the American Society for Plant Biologists.  More information about and the SNCR award we just won are here.  More on this community project soon – we will be presenting about it at ASAE’s annual meeting in Chicago in August.

Here are a few excerpts from the SOCM report.


And my personal favorite chart:

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