Link Love Monthly: Best of February 2010

Here’s my monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that I’ve read and shared over the last 30 days. These kinds of posts are what inform our own writing here at SocialFishing; hope you’ll dip in an out at your leisure! The list below is for serendipity; if you prefer our “Must Read” shares about important stuff for association social media, please click here to subscribe, or click here to browse.

Tool Talk

  • Beyond the Big Three PDF Download (Shannon Otto)
  • Reorder the Sections on Your LinkedIn Profile: Now You’re in Control (LinkedIn Blog)
  • How To Bring Your Google Buzz Entries to Twitter (Louis Gray)
  • The Number One Reason Your Nonprofit Should Check Out Google Buzz (John Haydon)
  • Sciencefeed Launches Friendfeed-Like Platform For Scientists (TechCrunch)
  • Flickroom: Chat, browse, upload, share! (Flickr Blog)


  • 11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Company Needs Facebook (Jay Baer)
  • Analysis Ninjas: Leverage Custom Reports For Better Insights! (Avinash Kaushik)
  • Corporate Blog Success Starts And Ends With Business Metrics (Jason Falls)
  • How are you using metrics, benchmarks, and experiments to improve your Facebook presence? (Beth Kanter)
  • ROI: How to Measure Return on Investment in Social Media (Brian Solis)
  • Time to Re-think Hospital Social Media Adoption


  • No More Websites. Only Publishers. (Mitch Joel)
  • Doing Good is the New Measure of Success (Hourglass Blog)
  • The State of Social Media Around the World 2010 (Brian Solis)
  • How Social Gaming is Improving Education (Mashable)
  • If I Were Mayor of Dunkin’ Donuts… Oh Wait, I Am (Maggie McGary)

The Art of Social

  • Five Tips for Aspiring Internet Communicators (The Buzz Bin)
  • How do we get our nonprofit’s supporters to retweet content? (John Haydon)
  • The Big Tweet Theory: The Evolution Of A Conference Tweep (Jeff Hurt)
  • The mind of a Community Manager (Jake McKee)
  • 6 Truths of Building a Successful Online Community (Mack Collier on LAF)
  • The Five Elements of Viral Calls to Action (Dan Zarrella)
  • What type of Tweets get retweeted most? Bites of Wisdom (Beth Kanter)
  • 6 Required Competencies for Social Organizations (Jay Baer)
  • Are Hospitals Tilting at Windmills Searching for Social Media ROI? (Buzz Bin)
  • Matrix: Impacts to Alumni Organizations In A World of Social Networks (Jeremiah Owyang)

Event 2.0

  • 16 Criteria For Choosing Your Conference Backchannel Tool (Jeff Hurt)
  • Public speakers, Cliff Atkinson has your back… channel – Book Review: “The Backchannel” (Rob Cottingham)
  • Social Media & Event Marketing Part III: Twitter (John Gibb on Engage365)
  • Hybrid Events — Whats All the Buzz? (Michael McCurry on Engage365)


  • 10 questions to evaluate an SEO (Conversation Marketing)
  • Guess Who’s Talking: Social Media Ethical Dilemmas (PR Squared)
  • How to Be Authentic, Even when You Feel like a Fake (Remarkablogger)
  • Back by popular demand: Is Your Social Media Director Qualified?(Olivier Blanchard)
  • Is the Age of the Troll Over? (Maggie McGary)
  • Should CEOs and Executive Directors Use Social Media? (Beth Kanter)
  • The Rise of the Web Introvert (GigaOm)
  • Real takes courage. (Brains on Fire)

Awesomesauce, LOL or WTF

  • Happy Birthday #eventprofs! (Samuel J Smith)
  • Great Twitter usernames you can’t have (but soon could) (The Next Web)
  • Dear Facebook – WTF? (Redhead Writing)
  • Welcome New Buzz User. Now Get Outta Here! (CenterNetworks)
  • The wisdom of the spam (Acronym)
  • Comcast Rebrands Itself as Xfinity. Seriously? That’s… That’s All You Got? (Gizmodo)
  • Shady URL
  • Luzinteruptus (Flickr Blog)