Link Love Monthly: Best of January 2010

Here’s my monthly selection of links to some of the most interesting posts that I’ve read and shared over the last 30 days – about social media in general, of course, but also about associations, systems thinking, community building, good case studies, tool tips, social media in other industries, whatever. These kinds of posts are what inform our own writing here at SocialFishing; hope you’ll dip in an out at your leisure!

This month, I’m going to try and list these in some kind of tag order.  See what you think. I’m using tag keywords that we already do or will regularly use here, so later on if you want more in any particular category, do a search in the search box on this blog and you should get some more good stuff.   I’m also thinking of trying to tag posts while they are still in my Google Reader, then setting up a feed widget I can use for this monthly post… hmmm… percolating…  Let me know if you have ideas for how I can make this super cool and useful.

Anyway, here goes!  As usual, a ton of great stuff this month.

Cool Tools

  • How to Let Twitter be Your Brand’s Resume with Widgets (Louis Gray)
  • 5 Reasons Why RSS Readers Still Rock (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Essential Social Media Connections For Your Blog (John Haydon)
  • How I Came to Love Google Wave (Chris Brogan)
  • Some Tips on Streaming an Event Live (Bruce Hammond)
  • How is your Non Profit using Mobile? (


  • Facebook Post Insights Go Live (All Facebook)
  • What Social Media Can Do For Your Business (Jason Falls)
  • Eleven Simple Stats That Must Be Measured On Your Facebook Page
  • How To Fail Your Way To Social Media Success (Beth Kanter on Conversation Agent)
  • 9 Critical Stats To Measure On Your Blog (Day 3) (John Haydon)
  • The Business of Social Media: B2B and B2C Engagement by the Numbers (Brian Solis)
  • How to measure word of mouth (Andy Sernovitz)
  • Breaking A Goal Into Metrics (Altitude Branding)
  • The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas (Dan Zarrella)


[This one’s a new tag, since we don’t write about tech news, but if I keep doing it like this every month they will come up in search. Obviously].

  • Gmail Points To Possibilities Of The Data Decade (Steve Rubel)
  • How Google collects data about you and the Internet (Pingdom)
  • Left Out (Steve Gillmor on TechCrunch)
  • Technorati, Once Near Death, Focuses On Quality (Louis Gray)
  • Ratings in Google search ads address trust (Chief Marketing Technologist)

Art of Social

[Not a tag until now either, but I like it and plan to use it a lot.]

  • Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Can Fail in 2010 (Find and Convert)
  • How to Develop a Content Strategy Process (for your blog) (Conversation Agent)
  • There’s no Money in Content Creation (Conversation Agent)
  • Why Dunbar’s Number is Irrelevant (Jacob Morgan)
  • The Myth of Control in New Media (Brian Solis)
  • It’s time for advertising and social media to work together (Creativity_Unbound)
  • Retweet this post: Why The New Retweet Function Is An Improvement (TwiTip)
  • Will the world’s best Social Media case studies please stand up? (The BrandBuilder Blog)
  • What Do Twitter Lists Say About YOU? (Twittercism)
  • Simple Tactics To Encourage Your Members To Talk More (FeverBee)
  • 4 Ways Bloggers Differ From Reporters (Jay Baer)
  • How To Dramatically Improve Twitter In Five Minutes (Or Less) (Twittercism)
  • Four Styles Of Marketing On Twitter (Social Media Explorer)
  • Free as in puppies: One way or another, organizations have to pay for their social media presence(Social Signal)

Event 2.0

  • Screw Your Ole Event Resolutions. Do You Conference Social? (MidCourse Corrections)
  • Social Conference Strategy Without Human Engagement = Fail or Why Conference Organizers Need To Think Like Community Managers (Midcourse Corrections)
  • Event Camp: A Social Media Jam Session for Events People (Event Coup)


  • How Will You Make a Difference in 2010? (Harvard Business Review)
  • Social Capital – HR’s Secret Weapon (Talent Anarchy)
  • Four Social Media Trends for Business in 2010 (Jeremiah Owyang)
  • Innovation and Associations (Drake & Co.)
  • Exposing the Silo Effect (Aaron Wolowiec)
  • Thanks, Gen X, for the Conversation (Tammy Erickson on HBR)
  • You Should Lead From the Middle (Brazen Careerist)
  • 7 Social Media Roles You Haven’t Considered (Altitude Branding)
  • Because I said so just isn’t going to cut it. (Traci Browne)
  • Is micropricing the answer to your revenue woes? (Acronym)


[Includes stuff on policies/privacy/truth/risk.]

  • Tweeting under false circumstances: Social Media Ethical Dilemmas (PR Squared)
  • A Tale of Two HIPAA Violations (The Buzz Bin)
  • Is Social Media the “Road to Nowhere†for Hospitals? (The Buzz Bin)
  • Facebook’s move ain’t about changes in privacy norms (apophenia)
  • Association Subculture Word for 2010 – Authenticity (Association Subculture)
  • Authenticity in Association Governance – Building Empire (Association Subculture)
  • Social Media & The Axe Murderer: How Privacy Is Evolving Online (Rohit Bhargava)
  • Gird Your Loins – The Lawyers Are Coming (The Buzz Bin)


  • The End of the World as We Know It (in Associations) (Association Subculture)
  • The Blah Blah Blah Blogging Rules. F It. (Problogger)
  • 30 Bloggers To Watch in 2010 (ProBlogger)
  • HARO Gets Serious About Crowd Sourced Journalism (Convince and Convert)
  • ASAE Tech (Thanks For Playing)
  • A Poetic Take on Social Objects – The Third Thing (Museum 2.0)
  • Twitter – A Villanelle (Phil Baumann)
  • Kill the ugly baby. Feed the beautiful one. (Indexed)