What do you think about your community platform?

We won’t buy a $6 latte at a café without checking out reviews first. But where do community managers go when they’re getting ready to spend $10,000 or more per year for on-domain community software?

Across the world, right now, thousands of community managers are about to decide which platform is best for their organization, but there’s no single source of honest community platform reviews, from real community managers, for them to research peer reviews. Why isn’t there a Yelp specifically for community software?

Let’s flex our community manager muscles to solve this problem. How? I’m glad you asked!

ReviewMyCommunity.net is a brand-new website that aims to become the Yelp of on-domain community software. Currently in Alpha, reviews are being accepted and will be published once 100 reviews have been collected. Founded by a community manager, ReviewMyCommunity.net

is a review site tailor-made for community software.

One day, you may need to switch community platforms. Wouldn’t it be great to instantly have access to hundreds of reviews from other community managers on the software platforms you’re considering?

I want to encourage everyone who’s using on-domain community software to pay it forward and leave a review about their software on ReviewMyCommunity.net. After leaving a review, you’ll receive a lifetime subscription to the site to read and write more reviews.

Once ReviewMyCommunity.net

hits a critical mass of reviews, you’ll be able to:

  • Search and browse community software reviews without the interference of a bunch of other types of software cluttering your research
  • Analyze review criteria that are tailored specifically for community software, not generic review criteria that are used to compile reviews on hundreds of software categories
  • Access the collective mind-hive of community managers outside your social network about what they think of their community software

ReviewMyCommunity.net can become an indispensable resource for community managers everywhere. But only if WE make it happen. Let’s do this. Leave a review today.